Store front sign 3D LED Channel letters

Front Lit Channel Letters

- These signs feature 3-dimensional letters with a clear acrylic face and are illuminated from the front, providing excellent visibility. They are constructed with either stainless steel or aluminum and are commonly used by well-known brands like McDonald’s or Tim Hortons.

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Luxury outdoor halo backlit letters sign

Backlit Channel Letters

- Offering a more luxurious appearance, these letters illuminate from behind, creating a halo effect as the light bounces off the building. They can be customized in various colors and are often used for businesses seeking a more sophisticated look.

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 Luxury indoor outdoor golden sign

Golden Mirror Finish

- These signs add a touch of luxury with a golden mirror finish. They are popular among beauty businesses and retail in malls, providing a high-end appearance. They are less common in the Canadian signage industry, which makes them a unique choice for brands seeking exclusivity.

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 Internally illustrated 3D LED signage

Front & Backlit Channel Letters

- A combination of front and backlighting, this type of sign is designed for high visibility and elegance. The front light ensures visibility, while the halo effect from the backlight adds a stylish touch.

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Marquee lightbulb letters vintage sign

Marquee Letters

- Marquee letters offer a vintage look with LED lighting. They are both bright and stylish, providing a classic appearance without the hassle of changing lightbulbs. This type is often chosen for businesses that want to evoke a nostalgic feel.

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Indoor interior PVC Acrylic plastic laser cut beauty sign

Indoor Signs

- These are intended for interior decoration and come in various materials such as gold, PVC, acrylic, and LED. The options are nearly limitless, allowing for custom shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

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Lightbox acrylic front replacement light board sign

Light Boxes Front Replacement

- An affordable solution for existing lightboxes, this involves replacing the front with custom-designed translucent prints or blockout cut material, providing a fresh look without the cost of completely new signage.

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Custom box sign LED double sided store sign logo

Custom Light Boxes

- These are highly customizable, allowing for unique shapes, colors, lighting styles, and materials. They can accommodate complex designs and are ideal for distinctive branding.

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Window prints stickers perforated vinyl

Window Decals

- These offer a variety of materials and styles, including high-quality prints, custom shapes, perforated films, and frosting. They can be used to brand storefronts and add design elements to windows.

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Custom wall restaurant and club neon sign

Neon Signs

- Neon signs are bright and colorful, ideal for interior decoration. They can attract attention and serve as a marketing tool when customers take photos with them and share on social media.

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Unique endless mirror sign

Infinity Mirror Signs

- These signs create a unique effect of infinite depth, giving the illusion of movement as you walk by. They are a novel addition to the signage industry and can be a captivating choice for businesses looking for something distinctive.

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Sign Permits

Sign Permits

Getting a sign permit ensures legal compliance, safety, and community aesthetics. It prevents fines, removal orders, and legal issues while demonstrating responsibility and respect for regulations.

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Each type of signage has its own unique benefits and ideal applications. Businesses can choose based on their branding goals, visibility needs, budget, and desired aesthetic.

Front Lit

Back Lit

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